Medical & Emergency Response Team

Medical & Emergency Response Team


Emergency Support

Incident Support

Medical & Emergency Response Team (MERT) set up with the main aim of providing assistance within our local communities when it was required most.

Whilst there are seldom “major incidents” in the North of Scotland we do see several significant events/incidents each year often related to adverse weather. Our team has significant experience in the provision of support during incidents which affect our local, mainly rural, communities.

Our capabilities include but are not limited to:
• Communications
• Welfare checks
• Medical support
• Assistance centres
• Personnel and equipment logistics

All volunteers are given appropriate training which is delivered by our own experienced team and by external organisations ensuring our deployment can compliment those by category 1 and 2 responders.

Our team will deploy at the request of Cat.1 or Cat. 2 responders and can operate either as an independent team or alongside other volunteers or agencies.

Details about some of our equipment can be found here.

Community Asset Register

As part of our commitment to providing support to our communities we have registered many of our volunteers and equipment on the Community Asset Register coordinated by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. 

This register is accessible by emergency services to assist in their management of emergencies. For more information on the Community Asset Register, click here.