Medical & Emergency Response Team

Medical & Emergency Response Team


Event Medical Cover

Why choose us?

  • An experienced team with a proven record of delivering quality service
  • All events appropriately assessed for cover required
  • Thorough pre-event planning liaising with local services and organisations where appropriate
  • Volunteers with externally verified qualifications to ensure high standards of care
  • Continued volunteer training to develop individuals competency and confidence
  • Public Liability Insurance in place.

Pre-event Planning

To ensure the most effective cover for your event our team carry out an event assessment to identify what assets will be required. This assessment covers aspects including:

  • Participant and event profiles
  • Previous event statistics
  • Location and environmental factors
  • Availability or attendance of emergency services

Once assessed we will liaise with organisers and statutory services regarding the medical event cover and provide an event medical plan suitable for event licensing (where applicable).


We aim to ensure provision is matched to the risk associated with each event  and have volunteers of varying skill sets. Volunteers are deployed with equipment aligned to their skill set.

Deployments often involve specialist items including:
  • Communications equipment
  • Treatment tents
  • Patient handling equipment
  • Resuscitation equipment
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Cycle Responders

Details about some of our equipment can be found here.