Medical & Emergency Response Team

Medical & Emergency Response Team



The strength behind the team

Our team consists solely of volunteers, each individual bringing skills, knowledge and experience that allows the team to develop and continue to push the level of service we deliver.

Appropriate training is given to volunteers based on their role in the team with all patient care courses externally certified.

Meet some of the members of our team:


Alan is one of the current committee and has been involved since the creation of the team.  Experienced in management within the voluntary and retail sectors he volunteered with the British Red Cross for over 20 years where he was active within Event First Aid and Emergency Response.

Alan carries out much of the planning for events with knowledge of event medical management, health and safety (NEBOSH certified), and volunteer management.

Alan is a registered nurse working within the local Emergency Department. He has also worked with the Scottish Ambulance Service as a Clinical Advisor and has completed various pre-hospital courses including the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care course and Major Incident Medical Management and Support.


Dave has been part of the team from its beginning and has been important in developing the teams communications capability. Previously involved with events and emergency communications he has provided support to many organisations in the past including emergency services and other national networks, much of this was using the Red Cross asset SARCom, a resource no longer available.

Dave manages the communications and IT assets and provides planning in relation to communications equipment deployment, particularly important when operating a large or complex network.

Dave is a systems/communications engineer By trade who has almost 15 years experience operating within the voluntary sector as Ambulance Crew, Enhanced First Aider, Mental Health First Aider, Qualified Trainer, Incident Officer and Ambulance Service Community First Responder.


Aniko is a Student Technician with the Scottish Ambulance Service and Self-Employed Nail Technician. Prior to this Aniko was an Emergency Department Assistant at Raigmore Hospital, a carer, and Ambulance Crew for the Red Cross.

Whilst volunteering with the Red Cross Aniko attended many different events across the country gaining experience in many different environments and working with different organisations.

As well as her clinical training, Aniko is a competent communications operator often providing support to the main communications team.


I was born in Spain but grew up in Australia, Jersey and France. I have also spent time in Singapore, Nigeria, Egypt, the United States and now have settled in Scotland. Over the last 6 decades if worked as a teacher from primary through to secondary schools, a retail manager, an administrator in a print studio and am now crew on a tourist boat. Throughout my years I have always been involved with first aid either as part of my job or as a volunteer for British Red Cross (BRC) or Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI). Currently I specialise in administration, education, and communication for both these charities. 

In 2017 MERT (Medical & Emergency Response Team) was formed and I was asked to be part of the volunteer team. My specialty in the team is to be an Event Liaison Officer working in Joint Operations Cells with the clients’ organising team, and other emergency responders and services.

I can setup radio systems to enable medical assets at events to be heard, spoken to and remotely monitored using the Motorola TrboNet Dispatch System. This enables serious incidents to be attended to effectively whether routine or time critical. 

I have been administrative hospital lead at various international events including Monaco GP, Great North Run, Rock Ness and Belladrum. Being able to speak various languages is a huge advantage at large events enabling me to provide support to foreign nationals whether triaging, treating or signposting. 

Joining the team

If you wish to find out more about joining the team please contact us here.