Medical & Emergency Response Team

Medical & Emergency Response Team


Team Equipment

2019 saw our team upgrade its communications equipment after securing a grant from the SSEN Resilience Fund.

The team is now utilising a digitally encrypted system with functional GPS. This system allows us to track assets over any distance with positions transposed on mapping which forms part of our command and control setup. 

For radio communications over wide areas the team has access to repeater systems on allocated frequencies with roaming facilities where multiple repeaters are utilised.

Radios are maintained by our own communications engineer with experienced volunteers used to operate within control rooms.

Further detail can be found on our communications page.

Treatment Tents

Our team can provide 2 treatment tents for use at events or incidents. These are often used where first aiders require a static base and there is no indoor locations available for use.

These tents are quick to put up and provide a private space for assessment and treatment of casualties.

Cycle Response

In order to provide improved responses in larger areas, or along routes unsuitable for vehicles, we are introducing cycle responders. Cycle responders carry emergency response equipment including our standard event kit and a defibrillator.

Each cycle is GPS trackable with portable radio communications ensuring teams can be deployed quickly to any incident.